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Software Engineer - The Benefits of Upskilling and Reskilling

According to a research report, only 3-4% of engineer graduates in India get quality jobs with an average bracket of 8-10 lacs and above. The startup culture has given a boost to software engineer jobs in India and around the globe. However, as you are already aware, our tech world is fast scaling and is constantly shape-shifting. As a software engineer, it is important that you continue to upskill and reskill within/outside the organization to carve a successful career path.

Difference Between Upskilling & Reskilling

Upskilling is learning an additional or new skill and optimizing performance and expertise in the same field. Reskilling on the other hand means learning a new skill and preparing to do another job. The Tech industry will continue to present new challenges your way, and the worst you can do is to get comfortable in your role and technology. As a software engineer, look at some of these benefits to help you reskill & upskill.

Gain Expertise

Whether you decide to upskill or reskill, you will gain expertise. There is immense growth potential in fields such as AI, ML, CyberSec, DevOps, DevSecOps, and the likes. When you decide to learn you open new horizons for yourself where you can be termed an expert. As a professional who wants to grow, gaining expertise will help you in reaching out for senior roles within the team or organization.

Gain Confidence

A report suggests that 95% of software engineers are unfit for a challenging role within the software development environment. Where would you like to see yourself? While on-the-job skills are not always taught in colleges, taking a personal interest in upskilling will help you get an edge in your industry. When you gain some advanced skills, it will also help you gain more confidence to advance in your career.

Gain Trust

If you talk to senior engineers or leaders within the software developer’s community one thing will be common – Trust. The senior leaders were once trusted by their managers to perform challenging tasks. If you upgrade your skills or gain a new skill, you can also win the trust of the team or organization. If the leaders perceive you as a learner, confident, and reliable engineer your chances of growth can increase many folds.

Gain Competency

Learning never stops, and what separates you from the crowd is your desire and willingness to stand out. Gaining industry-relevant experience and skills will help you in shaping up your own competency into a high-value candidate. This enhances job relevancy and more importantly creates a strong career portfolio.

Be Future Ready

In the fast-paced and global work environment, it is critical that you continue to remain tech-savvy. Disruptive technology is all around us, and this also results in disruption within the organization – layoffs, upgrades, external hiring, and so on. Learning the right skills at the right time will help you to become a candidate that is always sought after by future-ready companies.

The above were just a few benefits of the many that you can receive. And if you are in the process to upskill or reskill and are here, do not wait for more time – we recommend that you get started with it. If you are already working in an organization, get in touch with your HR or Learning and Development team to enroll in one of the upskilling or reskilling programs. Most companies have dedicated funds for the employee’s betterment, so why not make the best out of it?

On the other hand, if you are just starting your job hunting after completing your engineering degree, you could start with something small. Make a list of technology, processes, or domain that you are interested in. Identify courses that you can take online to brush up on your skills and reach out to your seniors for any mentorship that you can get at this stage.


Whether you are starting your career or in an advanced stage of it, never take learning for granted. If you get comfortable in this tech-savvy and digitally disruptive world, technology may overtake you. Starting again from scratch to learn a completely new technology may be overwhelming for some. So make the best of your situation today and empower yourself with the knowledge, skills, and expertise that the industry is looking for.

AlphaDev community has a list of senior leaders and mentors who can help you in your career progression. Feel free to ask any questions or take suggestions from these leaders to grow in your career.

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